Barin kobani death
Barin kobani death

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Ankara views the Kurdish forces in Syria as terrorists, one and the same as the PKK, which carries out terror attacks against military and government targets inside Turkey. It identified her as Barin Kobani, whose real name is Amina Omar. Ahmed said he watches the video every day, sometimes dozens and dozens of times, fruitlessly hoping that somehow the ending will be different. View comments Hide comments.

Isis cretins? Debate has since raged over whether Barin was mutilated after her death, or if she blew herself up before being captured. Barin Kobani's family: sisters, mother and brothers mourning her death in Kobani, Syria. What do you think about this article?

To date, her remains have not been returned to the family and they suspect they will never see that happen. Khalil, a member of the Martyrs Foundation who delivers news to families if their relatives have been killed in action. We hoped maybe this video would bring an end to this war, but it did not.

Media linked to the YPG, the People Protection Units, earlier reported she followed in the footsteps of Avesta Khabur , a female fighter who detonated herself against a Turkish tank. Three of her companions also perished in the clashes, BBC Arabic reported. But Rudaw sources in Afrin reported intensive fighting in the town as of Friday morning. Follow her on Twitter.

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Her bloodstained clothes have been partially removed exposing her breasts and genitals, parts of which appear to have been cut off. Photo: YPG Press. Related: Elliott Abrams: Iran clearly shows its imperial ambitions in Syria. However, early in , Washington ended its financial and logistical support for the group amid fears U.

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Many will wonder whether that Barin can stand now that death video showing Turkish soldiers mutilating the body of a Nvidia game recorder female Kurdish fighter Barin spreading all over the internet. And now, the Turks have been caught red-handed showing laughing and Audi a4 navigation system review the body of fallen female YPJ soldier Barin Kobani, a well-known member of kobani Mobani all-female unit.

Parts of her torso appear to have been cut out with a knife. The Syrian Kurds are outraged after the images spread over the internet. And who created and armed death sick Death cretins? The treatment this brave girl had, should be metered out to all Barin barbaric swine! They will get theirs soon enough. Turkey has not yet reacted. Kobani No. Geezerpome No. Isis cretins?

Geezer Kobani. This is not a crime against other people. What do you think about Compare lcd size article? Recent News. Popular Stories.

Please try again later. The treatment this brave girl had, should be metered out to all these barbaric swine!

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Warning Shock Video - Turkish Soldiers Mutilated Female Kurdish Fighter. Barin kobani death

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Aug 02,  · A picture of late year-old YPJ fighter Barin Kobani, February 2, Credit: DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP. Zvi Bar'el. Published on “Barin represents everything we have heard about the courage of the Kurdish female fighters, and her death is far more than the killing of a rival, or the result of a political or ethnic struggle. Author: Zvi Bar'el. "Barin [Kobani] did not surrender. She fought to the death," declared Women's Protection Units spokesperson Amad Kandal, who promised revenge for Kobani's death and abuse. "This kind of behavior will only serve to reinforce our determination to resist until victory," the Kurdish spokesperson added, cited by The Guardian. The shared across social media platforms shows the body of female Kurdish fighter Barin Kobani, a paramilitary in the People's Protection Units (YPG), being desecrated by at least a dozen Author: Callum Paton.
Barin kobani death

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The YPJ on Friday announced the death of four of its fighters -- including Kobani -- and accused Turkey-backed factions of "mutilating them." YPJ spokeswoman Nesrin Abdullah told AFP that Kobani and the other three female fighters were caught up in clashes with the pro-Ankara rebels, refused to withdraw, and "fought until death.". Feb 05,  · The body was identified by Kurdish forces as that of Barin Kobani, a military pseudonym, though a spokesman declined to confirm her real name. She and three other members of . This photo taken on Saturday, in the town of Afrin, shows the mother (centre), brother (right) and sister (left) of the late year-old YPJ fighter Barin Kobani, attending a mourning ceremony in her honour, after the YPJ and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights accused Turkish-backed Syrian rebels of filming her mutilated dead body (AFP photo).

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Barin kobani death

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