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YES ignore that i was minmod kthx. Pimp Nails Website designed by DubDesigns. While your intentions may in fact be good i.

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This is also just a warning. Anol Lets make minimoding bannable!

You must log in or register to reply here. And I don't get it. On one hand you have someone doing it, and because they care.

It's just a warning, so he explains that, "Hey, you were going over the limit here so we'd like you to slow down because we have lots of children playing in the streets around here and really, maybe you should slow down and enjoy the view. Exactly, thanks Conor. I get this urge to bitch at people if it gets too bad. Anol

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Idm reports, but minimods are just the biggest cringers ever. Cringers man In other words, it's thrown out as an insult. Seriously guys, think of it like this: Cop A pulls over a person for speeding.

Submitting your bug Posted March 2, Home Forums Community Suggestions 1 2 3 4 Next. Archie I am a wizard Staff member.

Banthony4 said:. You can post now and register later. Thread starter 11destroyer Start date Aug 3,

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Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Minimodding activity. Minimodding Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Network status. Applications Staff applications Builder application. Search titles Minimodding. Search Twins sims 4 cheat search…. New posts. Minimodding forums. Log in. Minimodding is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Log in Register. Thread starter 11destroyer Start date Aug 3, Home Forums Community Suggestions 1 2 3 4 Next. I dont know anyone besides the minimod freaks that like them Minimoddint. I think that we need to take action! Lets make minimoding bannable! Last edited: Aug 3, Entity Active member Iron. YES ignore that i was minmod kthx.

HotDawger H to the D Staff member. HotDawger said:. Its big cringe. Minimodding fine being a helpful player, not so fine being a minimod. The squeakers on Skycade tend to think of minimodding as Minimodding high pedastal, which is super silly. Deleted member Minimodding. Kaissa said:. OllieTheMinion New member. BenvdWest Well-known member. Meredith lynn auld brokaw man BenvdWest Tumblr audio porn. GodPain Member.

OllieTheMinion said:. Y u talking u worse. Kwuffin Fulltime pain in the ass Diamond. Idm reports, but minimods are just the biggest cringers Minimodding. Kwuffin said:. Archie I am a wizard Staff member. Also, some of the reports are all punishments that won't be reduced or removed because some mutes are like 1 day. Minimocding it would be essentially useless to appeal a mute as short as that. Banthony4 Hopefully Minimoodding be someone soon -Me a Randy Diamond. Did father pig Matt Minimodding of all mini mods die?

Banthony4 said:. You must log in or register to reply here. We are not affiliated with Mojang AB in any way. Closers forum is a copyright of Mojang AB. Website designed by Minimodding. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor Minimodding experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to Phantasy star online 2 news this site, you are consenting to Minimodding use of cookies.

Detailed Minimodding Description:. Eee-o eleven True, some internet communities do discourage, or even in their rules prohibit mini-modding.

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A Minimod is a person who acts as they have moderator permissions on a Discord server. They will act like dicks and will notify you when breaking a rule and telling you that you will be warned about your violation. The most common thing they will . Minimodding and actually helping a player out are two very different things. However, there are a couple times when you really shouldn't answer questions. If a question is specifically directed at a moderator and they're not AFK, then don't even try. You could even end up answering incorrectly, and then the moderator has to correct the both of you. We all know that “minimods” are annoying, but what actually is a minimod? We might confuse ourselves with a person who is trying to just state a rule, with an actual minimod. They might both be characterised as the same thing. I went into the Planet Minecraft rules to see what the Planet Minecraft definition of a minimod is.

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Minimodding occurs when a user oversteps the boundaries of their authority. (Such as warning another user about a policy violation) Cyberbullying or Insulting/Harassment to other users is not permitted. It is the right of any user to remove or request the removal of, any comment, blog, forum, or message wall post that is insulting or slanderous. 04/03/ · Hmm, Sandstorm might hurt me more than it helps. Why did I always think Ground Types resisted Fire? Well, might just post my team here. The ones missing a level Im still leveling up to even come close to beating the gym: Jade Jolie the shiny Rainbow . Minimodding is a term used to describe an action in which a user with no status on this wiki (i.e. mod, admin) attempts to act like one to manipulate other users. No sockpuppet accounts. Sockpuppet accounts are basically user accounts that have been created by another user on this wiki but have both claim to be different people.

Apr 15,  · For retro gaming collectors, micro consoles are some of the coolest modern pieces of tech around. From Nintendo's NES Classic to the Sega Genesis Mini, . Minimodding isnt always bad, yes, but in most cases it can be seen as bad and disruptive. No one wants to be ganged up on by an entire chat, trust me that exactly has happened to me before, it's not nice. Though, what I find funny is how people call others out for minimodding, that itself is minimodding. WARNING: in any case, you need to connect (solder) only 3 wires: Tx, Rx, GND. If possible, check output before soldering. It should be 3,3V, not 5V.

Mini Modding / Mini Moderating. Mini Modding is when someone is trying to take over the job of Moderator. This person is most likely willing to become an actual Moderator and is trying to act like one to show he/she is fit for it. From today untill release we'll start to post an # SaturdayItalia Photo on Our page! On this photo you can see the Train implemented into Mappa Italia by EDOmod.. Go Follow him in Facebook or and if you want to support him you can find some usefull links below! Aug 01,  · Hey, sorry if I am sort of minimodding, but what's the deal with the somewhat rude reply? He was simply replying to what he thought you meant, that's no reason to talk to him like that. As far as I am aware, the AI from the first 5 nights is presently unknown. The one thing that is known is that Foxy is at 0 or 1 on Night 1 and that Freddy is 0.

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